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Data connection


Data Connection

With this solution, all business processes of the business will be digitized and connected together without having to change any existing business processes and forms. This helps to reduce risks in daily operations, but the leaders of the business still grasp the situation of production and business activities of the business immediately anytime, anywhere.

The difference of this solution is that businesses still make use of all processes as well as data on old software that are in use …

  • – Do not change the old working habits, this helps the user to be more receptive to the operation.
  • – Do not complicate the rigorous work steps of business processes like ERP, which leads to higher success rates.
  • – Does not require a high level of personnel, because all work steps are digitized in the way that the business is operating every day.
  • – This solution is applicable to all types of businesses
  • – Saving management costs by improving productivity in production and business activities
  • – Don’t go back and forth as your business grows bigg


  • - Creating costly business data
  • - The challenge with data is to store and manage it
  • - Businesses only exploit structured data
  • - Data is managed in separate departments
  • - Data is a tool for process optimization
  • - Data is created continuously everywhere
  • - The challenge with data is to turn it into valuable information
  • - Unstructured data is increasingly usable and valuable
  • - The value of data lies in the data connection between separate parts
  • - Data is an intangible asset to create nothing

This is how businesses build, administer, and use information.

General architecture

Component architecture

Why Choose Us?

With a team of experts from 15 to more than 20 years of experience and software development in many countries around the world such as: USA / UK / France / China / Malaysia / Singapore / Indonesia … Along with analytical technology solutions Advanced, we will help your business:

  • Analyze and advise the steps of the most suitable digital transformation application for each development stage.
  • Build data models (Data Model) and optimize business processes, in improving the performance of production and business operations.
  • Know how your business will continue to be relevant to prospective customers?

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